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Vancouver BC / NEWSWIRE / August 26, 2019 /CNW/ - Agrios Global Holdings Ltd. (CSE: AGRO) (OTCQB: AGGHF) (FSE: ØSA - WKN-A2N62K) ("Agrios" or the "Company") announces  their CTO, Andrew Lange was recently invited to share his engineering insights about environmental controls in indoor cultivation facilities by industry experts that build technology specifically for cannabis cultivation.

Andrew possesses extensive experience in the agronomy sector, having designed and engineered over two million square feet of automated indoor cultivation space. He has lectured extensively on the design and building of cultivation facilities; how mechanical systems can affect an operation, and what systems can have a positive impact on business. Andrew was recently interviewed and quoted in the Cannabis Business Times in the article “How to Optimize Monitoring, Controls and Automation in Your Cannabis Cultivation Facility.”

Andrew explains:

Monitoring data points in a cannabis cultivation facility, and then controlling those data points either manually or through an automated system, are the core principles of environmental control in an indoor grow. Monitoring systems provide data on such variables as temperature, relative humidity, vapor pressure deficit (VPD), CO2 concentration, light levels, air movement and soil moisture levels. Accurate data collection - and real-time monitoring - allows for any operational errors to be corrected before irreversible environmental damage is done to the plants.

Helpful trends often emerge from historical data, inspiring experiments or ‘tweaks’ which can further improve the desired characteristics of the strain. Replication of specific growing conditions and practices ensure consistency from one harvest to the next.

Controls allow cultivators to fully use the monitoring data they are collecting and truly help increase the quality of product produced as well as improve consistency.

“Monitoring and control impact cannabis crops’ performance in many ways,” says Lange, “due to the amount of control Agrios has in our facilities, our lessees are able to maintain extremely regulated cultivation environments, which tend to result in more consistent, higher-quality yields.”

About Agrios Global Holdings Ltd.

Agrios Global Holdings is a data analytics driven agriculture technology and services company advancing the latest innovations in indoor growing science. The Company owns, leases and manages properties and equipment for eco-sustainable agronomy and provides advisory services to support all aspects of aeroponic cultivation in the cannabis sector. Agrios is actively pursuing new opportunities to expand its portfolio of tenant growers and infrastructure assets in strategic licensed jurisdictions. Based in Vancouver, BC. Agrios is managed by a highly accomplished team of experienced industry and capital markets experts who are committed to the growth of the company.

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