Fact Sheet / Four Page Disclaimer

Achievement of Agrios Global Holdings Ltd.’s (“Agrios” or the “Company”) business plan involves significant risk. Certain information included in this presentation, including any information as to future financial results; share value; or operating performance and other statements that express expectations or estimates of future performance, constitute” forward-looking statements”.

The focus of Agrios’ business is the cannabis industry. The production, distribution, sale and use of marijuana and its derivatives are still illegal in some of the jurisdictions in which Agrios operates or intends to operate, including under federal law of the United States, despite being legalized under certain state and local laws, including the states in which Agrios currently operates. These laws and their enforcement are in flux and vary dramatically from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The enforcement of these laws and its effect on Agrios and its business, employees, directors and shareholders are uncertain and accordingly involve considerable risk.

Neither the Company, the Agents nor any director, officer or employee of any of them or any affiliate of any such person accepts any liability or responsibility whatsoever in respect of any difference between the documents distributed to you in electronic format and the hard copy version that may be made available to you. For a detailed forward-looking disclaimer and risk factors, please refer to the Company’s complete Power Point presentation, as regularly updated. 

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