Jill Clapperton, PhD.

Technical Advisor

Dr. Jill Clapperton is a renowned scientist, ecologist and international lecturer.  For 25 years, she has collaborated with farmers and agriculture agencies throughout the world, conducting field research trials for new crop varieties as well as biologically based products and developing custom programs to optimize plant productivity and soil health. Formerly the Rhizosphere Ecologist (for 16 years) at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Lethbridge Research Centre, she received the Environment Canada Patricia Roberts-Pichette Award for leadership in ecological monitoring. Jill is the CEO and Principal Scientist of Rhizoterra Inc., a company that does short and long-term scientific laboratory and field research. She currently sits as an elected board member of the Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association.

Ray Lok

Technical Advisor

Ray graduated from USC with a degree in International Relations in Global Management, and then returned to Hong Kong to work at the family business in the textile and plastic manufacturing industry. Since 2013, Ray has owned and operated Evergreens Republic, a USDA certified organic commercial aquaponics farm. The company has received attention from major real estate developers and government officials who are seeking more sustainable agricultural practices for use on new agricultural projects/developments. Evergreens' produce, and herbs are highly sought after on the Hong Kong market for their taste and nutritious value. Evergreens Republic sells on a B2C delivery platform that services local high-end clientele.

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